Travel Point Holidays is Mumbai based company that has endeavoured since its inception in 01st Oct 2001 to bring a One Stop Visa Solution to all your Visas related services.

Travel Point Holidays provides professional Visas assistance, we aim to simplify your Visa requirements and make the process as smooth as possible. We had process more than 15 lacs Visa applications for around the world and also handling Visa Services from all over Western India / Central India and South India Leading travel agents.

Our Visa specialists also maintain extremely good relations with the various Consulates, Embassies, and High Commissions. We have comparatively been faster than what it actually takes for an application to get assessed, in our friendly workplace environment we never make the client feel what it actually takes for the processing Visa. We believe to work in intense and challenging mind-sets, gaining firmness and a gigantic experience.

We are highly transparent in nature. We make our clients feel comfortable by providing them all the necessary information regards to the entire process and charges that would be incurred for Visas services to different countries. We are dedicated and determined to provide guidance and help in the process of Visas in the most user friendly manner.

While our clients provide us with the opportunity of guiding and helping them in the process of Visas as a responsible and reliable Visas consultant, Travel Point Holidays puts all its efforts to provide excellent services. This excellence has resulted in high client satisfaction and helped us to grow beyond our imagination.

Director Message

Mr. Adil Memon

Managing Director

Our Mumbai Team

Mr. Irfan khan

Sr. Visa Operations

Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Ghana, Argentina, Saudi.
Mobile : 9820793571

Mr. Manoj Chalwadi

Visa Operations

All European Countries, Russia, Ukraine.
Mobile : 9167297453

Ms. Sabira Khan

Visa Consultant

Mr. Mohan Ayollu

Sr. Visa Operations

China, Attestation & Legalistaion
Mobile : 9004914393

Mr. Muzammil Ansari

Visa Operations

Dubai, Philippines, Bangladesh, Poland, UK, USA, Srilanka, Vietnam & All E- Visas.
Mobile : 9167988065

Mr. Sajid Sayed


Mobile : 91671 34455

Mr. Furkhan Qureshi

Sr. Visa Operations

All European Countries, Turkey, South Africa.
Mobile : 8828177384

Mr. Amjad Makda

Visa Operations

Thailand, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Israel.
Mobile : 9664749702

Mr. Dilip Khatu


Mobile : 9920857634 / 9920857634

Mr. Salim Shaikh

Sr. Visa Operations

Egypt, Iran, Japan, Korea, Indonesia.
Mobile : 9930683359

Ms. Pardnya Bhuwad

Visa Consultant

Our Pune Team

Mr. Farhan Bakshi

Sr. Visa Operations

For All Visas Processed in Pune Vfs & Mumbai consulate
Mobile : 9545645282

Prasad Haribhakta

Visa Consultant

Majid Khan

Visa Consultant

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