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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – PR (Without LMIA)
Altogether a new feature for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program under Express Entry program – PR (Without LMIA)
From the recent updates federal government along with governments of Atlantic Provinces namely Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia actually opened a way for at least 7000 newcomers from international states upcoming years. Much of this region is referred as ‘the Maritimes’.

Candidate requirements
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has two programs for skilled workers:

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)

And one program for international student graduates:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

The candidates applying may differ with requirements based on their work experience or education. This depends whether they are applying as workers or as an international student graduate. Other needs and requirements are same as these both.

A year back in 2016, in the month of July, Immigration minister met with all the provincial premier (the head of the government) of Atlantic Provinces. Both worked together to established a new immigration pilot program for the region. The authorities of federal and provincial government have come to the point that all provinces need more skilled worker who’ll settled themselves in the business market and be an at the best with local communities.

Moreover these authorities have established a 3-year pilot program to fulfill resource gaps which the sectors are currently facing. This will help the business class of the society and also restore the global talent.

Overall this program has Atlantic Growth Strategy that aims for the following five important areas:

  • Immigration and Skilled workforce
  • Innovation
  • Climatic Change & Growth
  • Trade and investment
  • Infrastructure

The program of Atlantic Immigration Pilot follows next steps
Candidates who apply under the Pilot Program requires valid job offer in hand. This must be from any of the employers and there should be a plan from an individual about family settling in Canada.

The Working System of this Program
It’s important for you to note that this is an employer-driven program with significant involvement from any one of the employers in the province.

This program allows the candidates to be selected only on one condition that the employer should find the candidates to meet their employment need and actually should match the criteria. After this selection, the employers need to offer the candidate with a job offer.

Note: Under this program employer doesn’t need to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (Without LMIA)
As soon as a candidate has accepted the job offer, the employer helps the candidate to get contract with designed service provider with an instant assessment to make a plan for settlement.

Employers also help and support the new immigrant and his family members to get long-term integration support. If they are applicable they can easily get settlement plan once they are in Canada.

Also if the employer has to fill the vacancy urgently, they can easily get access for temporary work permit so that the allotted candidate can come to Canada at the earliest. To make this Process quick and possible, the candidates should have the following:

  • Valid Job offer
  • Acceptation letter from the province
  • During 90 days of Temporary work permit need to complete permanent residence process.

Designation of Employer
If the employer wants to hire skilled immigrants under the pilot program, he must apply to the province to easily receive the desired designation. Also, the employers having branches in multiple provinces should separate their designation for each province.

Importantly every employer must be qualified with the requirements including a commitment to help and support the newcomer and his/her family to immigrate to the new province in Atlantic Canada.

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