Canada Experience Visa Class (CEC)

Overview of the Program:
The PR category of Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC) is one of the proposed category to qualify under the Express entry system to retain the talent who have entered under Higher education program or Skilled work visa.

This program is for the one who has Canadian Education or work experience or both, who have established themselves in the Canadian society through Higher education or settled with Skilled occupation Job under O, A, B category.

CEC requirements
Candidates must meet following requirements to qualify

  • Have at least a one year professional or technical/ skilled work experience of Canada in the last 36 months of application.
  • Meet the English language requirements in IELTS CLB Level- 5 or 7 based on Occupation code ( NOC)
  • Applicants can convert their Temporary visa to PR while staying in Canada and even the candidates who are not in Canada currently but within 3 years of their Canada education or Canada work experience are also eligible

Canadian Experience Class Visa requirements are based on the pass or fail model. The applicants whose minimum requirements met, those are eligible to apply their Application under Express Entry pool system.

One of the Most Popular and Best Option for the International Students:
For international Students, Canadian Experience Class Visa program is one of the main attraction.

Once the student completes their Course from the Canadian institution, they can stay back in Canada Under Post study working class visa for a period for a year or three, during the visa tenure the student has all good chances to get the PR status.

More Options For all Foreign Workers
Besides Canadian Experience PR Visa Class program, Foreign Workers even has the Opportunity to convert the visa under the PNP scheme (provincial nomination program)

Contact Quest immigrations for additional information about C.E.C Express Entry Pool Migration.

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