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Express Entry Canada is the direct selection gateway system for Canada Permanent Residency – PR Visa, Immigration for the entire family specifically designed for qualified Skilled and Experienced Workers.

Over view of the Program:
From 1st January, 2015, the federal skilled worker’s application is processed through Express Entry of Immigration System for immigrating to Canada. Applicants under this category can fill an expression of interest EOI for immigration Canada by making online Express Entry application Profile.

What is express entry?
One has to meet the criteria of any one federal economic immigration programs which are listed below to put their expression of interest in Canada Immigration by creating online Express Entry application Profile and enter into a pool of Applications.

  • FSWP ( Federal skilled worker’s program)
  • FSTP ( Federal skilled Trade’s Program)
  • C.E.C ( Canadian Experience class program)

FSWP (federal skilled worker’s program)
Federal Skilled Workers – a candidate who have applied for this program should have at least 67 points based on Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) immigration selection factors.

Individuals should have the following requirements to apply for the Canada Permanent residency visa.

  • Individuals should have one year full-time either equivalent work experience (part time – which is paid) in the recent 10 years and must fall under the skilled occupation list. (National Occupational skill level of 0, A , B)
  • Should qualify with minimum language ability for any one of Canadaian official languages French NCLC7 or English CLB level 7

These selection factors for the Migration for federal skilled worker Class Program is given below

  • Education: Individuals can score maximum 25 points to their formal education.
  • Work Experience : Applicant can score highest 15 points to the skilled working experience , Which must fall under the O,A,B category.
  • Language Skills : Individual can score maximum 28 points in total (24 Points for 1st official language and 4- for 2nd official language).
  • Age : Individuals can score maximum 12 points for their age.
  • Arranged Employment : candidate who gets the full time job offer for at least one year from employer can score maximum 10 points.
  • Adaptability : candidates score maximum 10 points to all the factors that can show about the adaptability of the candidate to move in Canada. (Family / Canada Education or work experience / Spouse IELTS etc.)

Please Note : If you wish to know about your Eligibility Criteria. Please use quest immigrations tool calculator and determine your eligibility criteria.

Express Entry process Flow :-

  • Application need to be created under GIC account online, once the prerequisite is met one would be eligible to submit the application in to the Express entry pool system, Each and every application is created with Unique Express entry profile number.
  • Along with express entry profile one needs to create the Job Bank account, which will have Unique Job bank account number.
  • Once the Applications gets in to Pool, the 67 points criteria will be automatically gets converted to CRS (comprehensive Ranking system) which are of 600 points.
  • Express Entry Profile is valid up to one year from the time one enters in to the pool.
  • Successful candidates with get ITA to apply for PR within 90 days from date of receipt ITA.Higher the CRS faster the invitations. After Submitting the Application one can get the visa in 3 to 6 months of time.
  • People with low CRS do have chances to get qualified through P.N.P (provincial Nomination program) scheme, to qualify under PNP one needs to meet province pre-requisite. Qualified candidate gets additional 600 bonus points to get Invitation faster to Apply for PR Application…
  • When application is in Pool, through Job bank account candidate can promote themselves to Canadian job market besides job bank account one can apply for jobs from various sources. Quest Migrations highly recommends, if employer selects and able to sponsor with LMIA (labour market impact assessment report) candidate can score additional 50 or 200 bonus points and get ITA faster.
  • After Meeting the Requirements, candidate should show the sufficient settlement funds based on the family size which can help to support for their living in Canada for the first 6 months.

If you are looking for the Qualified Professionals to make up your Complex situation to simple and to ensure successes.

Contact Quest immigrations for more information about the Express Entry Pool Migration.

To find out if you are eligible to enter the Express Entry pool under the federal skilled worker program, fill out a free assessment today.




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