Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship category under Canada PR
Overview of the Program:
Family Sponsorship visa program was introduced by Canadian government to reunite their PR or citizens of the country with their families. Canadian immigration offers different types of family settlement programs. Canada Family Sponsorship Visa program is of the most generous visa scheme in the entire world.

The relationships which qualifies for   Family Class Sponsorship visa program include spouses and common-law partners, parents and grandparents, and dependent children. Other program which was introduced was Super Visa Program, this is only for parents and grandparents.

Parents and grandparents immigration to Canada
There are two options to Sponsor Parents and grandparents

PR dependent Visa Category is for the one whose parents and grandparents are staying in other country. Who wish to settle with their children on Permanent basis. This program has Yearly cap on the number of applications to be accepted.

Once the cap is reached, the other options which can be exercised is  Super Visa Program, this program is one of the  most generous Program gives hope to parents and grandparents to migrate to Canada and stay with their loved ones up to 24 months in one stretch unlike Visit visa has 6 months duration of stay . This Program can be extendable for multi-entry visas that may probably last for 10 years.

Spouse or common-law partner immigration to Canada
If one looking to bring their spouse to be in Canada or already spouse Foreign National living or staying in Canada bot the situations has options to apply for the Family Sponsorship Visa  . Both of these two carries advantages and disadvantages.  They need to be ensured that the spouse or common-law partner should meet all the requirements. Family sponsorship also has a number of Provincial Family Class Sponsorship programs which are available for all the applicants. To get more of detail study, you can start a free assessment today.

Bringing dependent child to Canada :
This visa is for the one who wish to sponsor their legal children who are staying abroad and dependent on them can easily migrate under this scheme much faster.
Canada dependent child Visa category has Pre-requisite to obtain the right visa in short span of time. Provided eligibility requirements are accepted they will probably get succeeded for the Canadian Immigration program.

Sponsoring of Relative or friend to Canada.
If you have friend or relative outside Canada, who is looking to migrate Canada there are few programs where you are eligible to sponsor provided sponsor is fulfilling the legal stay in candy or Province.

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