Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
Manitoba is Nations First Trading Network which lies between Ontario and Saskatchewan.
The Manitoba PNP Programs which are a direct path for all candidates are as below:-

  1. Skilled Worker Category
  2. Business Investor Program ( MPNP-B)
  3. Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative – through the MPNP

Manitoba’s capital and largest city, Winnipeg, is the eighth-largest metropolitan area in Canada. Admiring the successfully economic status, its main source of income comes from Tourism, manufacturing, forestry, energy and tourism. Manitoba is also counted as one of the wealthiest provinces in Canada’s. Over 1.2 million people are living in tight-knit communities of Winnipeg.

People from foreign lands migrate to explore and expand their knowledge and business for a better standard of living. Individuals can easily get hired by Provincial employers or even get selected by the authorities to be an immigrant under MPNP (Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program). If the candidates are selected by the province they may easily receive a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate, which makes the immigration process faster

A. Skilled Worker Category Under

Manitoba Expression Of interest
As per the authorities, there are no limitations on the number of candidates’ application. Skilled worker program operates through Expression of Interest process (EOI) and so eligible candidate has to answer all the questions online and no supporting documents need to be submitted before submitting their profile into the Expression of Interest.

Once this questionnaire is completed, candidates who have received the highest score will get an invitation to apply for MPNP. Then the candidate should submit all the documents as per the requirements without any deadlines.

For a Qualified Skilled worker to apply for Manitoba Expression of Interest under MPNP   there are two ways:

Manitoba Skilled Worker
For Skilled Workers to apply under Manitoba Category, for which the candidates should have a fulltime job offer given by the present employer for whom he or she is working. He/ she should be well experienced with a graduate certificate. These candidates do not fall into the point based assessment system.

Manitoba Overseas Skilled Worker
The new system under Manitoba Skilled Worker is totally based on a points system for the candidates who are out of Canada. Qualified skilled worker applications are accepted easily who can demonstrate a very strong relation to the province. The relation may be family or friends (Presently living in Manitoba), or Past Education or employment (Manitoba Experience), or by inviting of MPNP, also who score a minimum of 60 points specified by education, age, work experience, adaptability and language proficiency.

B.  Business Investor Program (MPNP-B)
Growing economy in Manitoba also invites the interested individuals to be the partner and investor in the Business which totally operates on an “Expression of Interest” System under this program. Application submitted are selected based on their qualification and experience, they will be invited for immigration.

Important: Business Investor Program has replaced the MPNP-B on November 15, 2017, the updated criteria for Business Investor Program are applied from the first quarter of 2018.

Farm Investor Pathway (Referred as Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative)
From 2018, Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative renamed as Farm Invest Pathways. This Pathway comes under Manitoba Business Investors Program. This Program allows the desired candidates with business experience and who is willing to pay sufficient capital to immigrate in order to establish, develop and operate a farm in the Province.

C. Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative through MPNP
The Morden Community Driven by Immigration Initiative of Manitoba are looking for new immigrants with certain occupations. This rural town is wonderfully situated with a diameter of 112 km in southwest of Winnipeg. Individuals interested can easily visit for a better understanding of this location area.

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