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New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
Canada’s North-eastern Maritime Provinces and the most popular destinations include Fundy National Park: New Brunswick
With the attraction of forested uplands, New Brunswick is officially a bilingual language province in Canada. Moreover, 30% of the total population speaks French as their first language. It is a sweet and joyful home for many people in cities like Moncton Fredericton and Saint John.

The NBPNP is New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program.

This program allows the candidates to immigrate successfully for qualifying with experiences and skills targeted by the province. They will easily get Certificate of Nomination for New Brunswick provincial. All Candidates with this nomination can directly apply for Canadian PR. This application is easily accepted by NBPNP under the conditions which as follows.

  • Express Entry Labour Market
  • Skill Worker’s with Family Support
  • Skill Worker’s with Employer Support
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Succession Connect pilot

Express Entry Labour Market
To meet New Brunswick’s specific need in the labor market and demographics, this program allows NBPNP to use the federal Express Entry immigration selection system which successfully operates under the ‘Expression of Interest’ model.

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Skilled Worker with Family Support
Individuals who worked in New Brunswick and have their close once living in the province fall into this category and their applications will be easily accepted with required documentation.

Get more insights about the NBPNP Skilled Workers with Family Support Stream.

Skilled Worker with Employer Support
Candidates who received a full-time permanent job offer from New Brunswick employer fall into this category for which their applications are accepted with required documentation.

Get more insights about the NBPNP Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial
Candidates who’re graduated from a reputed academic institution in New Brunswick and have established or acquired business fall into this category, their application will easily be accepted with required documentation.

Get more insights more insights about NBPNP Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream.

Applicants who plan to own and actively manage their business in New Brunswick fall into this category, they are expected to make a monetary investment in the business. Along with required documents they can easily pass this process to immigrate to Canada.

New Brunswick accepts individual applications under this program who planned to own and actively manage a business in New Brunswick. Applicants are expected in the business by making a monetary investment.

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