Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)
Prince Edward Island (PEI) consist of a small isle which is also known as the smallest Canadian province.
Canada’s smallest province located on the east coast of North America. This is the ideal place to study, live, work and raise a family. Charlottetown conference place also known for birthplace of Canada. This is a history maker, for it formed the country altogether into an economic and social state. Prince Edward Island is also known for lush farmland and having beautiful coasts, also people migrate often as it’s totally centered on tourism, fishing and agriculture.

Experiencing many things with growing economy, PEI PNP (Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program) allows the interested individuals to migrate with related experience and skills required by province. They will easily get Provincial Nomination Certificate, which allows the foreign nationalities to apply for Canadian PR with faster processing than other immigration classes.

All applications are accepted under following immigration categories are given below:

  • PEI PNP Express Entry
  • Labour Impact
  • Business Impact

PEI PNP Express Entry
All interested candidates who’re working and living in Prince Edward Island can easily apply for PEI PNP Express Entry Stream before which they should be eligible to enter Express Entry pool. All applicants are benefited with processing times anywhere between six months. Being applicable to this program, this stream does not guarantee of review or accept of the profile submitted. Only candidates having skills and experience can actually fulfill the labor needs forwarded by the province, hence can be considered easily.  

Labour Impact Category
Skilled professionals who are needed urgently in labor markets fall into this category. With required documentation, the candidate is easily accepted with his / her application without any other requirements. This again is divided into three sub-categories; they are as follows:

Skilled Worker Stream
Workers who are recognized or hired by PEI employer and are eligible for qualified experience fall in this category. The candidates should have a relevant experience and should at least be a post-secondary diploma or bachelor degree holder.

Critical Worker Category
Workers who are been hired by Prince Edward Island employer and they would like to sponsor them with permanent residency fall under this category. They can easily work in unskilled or Semi-skilled profession.

International Graduate Category
Individual graduates recognized and accredited by PEI universities & colleges, who’re been already hired by PEI employer fall into this category. Applicants will have to work in specific skilled profession in the same field which they have studied.

Business Impact
All Applications are accepted under this program for candidates who are willing to invest and manage a PEI business in the Province. This category again is divided into sub-categories they are:

100% Ownership
Individuals willing to take over the ownership of PEI Business or starting business or purchasing of business which exists in Province fall into this category.

Partial Ownership
Individuals who obtain at least one-third existing business of a PEI or invests not more than $1,000,000 CAD in the equity of existing PEI business fall into this Category.
To Know more details about eligibility for the Partial Ownership Category.

Work Permit
An individual who wishes to invest in Prince Edward Island business and wish to travel regularly to PEI on work permit before receiving the provincial nominations fall in this sub-category. At the time of work permit, applicants must start work in Canada and should explore the business where applicant is willing to invest.

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