Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
Though it’s landlocked province with water bodies, it is the coolest place which is rapidly growing in economy and population!

Saskatchewan economy is based on agriculture and natural resource industries like forestry and fishing, Saskatchewan is known well for being one of the Prairie Provinces of Western Canada. This province majorly highlights cities, Saskatoon and Regina, as it has vast pristine wilderness.

SINP has an easy way to immigrate through the Provincial Nominee Program. This Program helps the candidates to get in the selection process with qualified skills and experience targeted by the province. After completing the selection process one can easily get Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will allow the foreign national to apply for permanent residence must faster than other Canadian immigration Visa programs.

SINP has the below categories to apply for Permanent residency program through provincial schemes:-

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category

International Skilled Worker Category
Under this category, applications are accepted from the skilled workers who have a broader vision to live and work in the Province of Saskatchewan. All candidates are measured based on the points system and hence can be selected under one of any three categories.

  1. International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer
    This sub-category is for experienced skilled workers with a skilled job offers from any of Saskatchewan employer.
  2. International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand 
    This sub-category is for experienced skilled workers whose occupations are in demand, under this scheme candidate need not required have a job offer from the Province or the employer. This is for the Express Entry Pool Candidates whose occupations are in demand can Apply provided if they meet the requirements of the Province.
  3. Saskatchewan Experience Category
    This sub-category is for the one who are already living in Saskatchewan can easily apply under the programs subcategory. (Students who has done their education, Post education working or Accompanying partner under open work permit working in Canada are the one who qualifies for this program)
  4. Existing Work Permit 
    Under this Sub-Category one needs to have at least 6 months of work experience in the Province to be eligible to apply under this program
  5. Health Professionals 
    Under this Sub-Category one needs to have at least 6 months of work experience in field of health professions like Doctors, Nurses any healthcare Professions in the Province to be eligible to apply under this program
  6. Hospitality Sector Project
    Under this Sub-Category Hospitality C categories as per NOC code like food and beverages, food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and also cleaning staff are eligible Provided they have offer letter from the respective employer from the province with Approval from the Province is must.
  7. Long Haul Truck Driver Project
    Under this Sub-Category one needs to have at least 6 months of work experience from trucking firm in the Province to be eligible to apply under this program
  8. Students 
    Under this Sub-Category Students who have completed their education from the Saskatchewan are eligible.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category
Under this category, the one who has exposure or experience in farming or has capital amount to buy or establish new business for the economic growth of the province are welcome under this Program

Entrepreneur Sub-Category
This visa is for high class Business category People who interest is to  invest  in existing firm or acquiring or joining an agreement and entering in to partnership can be eligible undere  this schme .

Farm Owners and Operators Sub-Category
This is another Business class investment category, who has experience in farming and can investment amount by leasing the land from the Government and run efficiently for the economic growth of the Province are mostly welcomed under this scheme.

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